Ernie Cumberbatch

Ernie 704 Hauser
Ernie Cumberbatch (John Amos), an auto mechanic is constantly at odds with his ultra-conservative son Goodie on "704 Hauser".


Ernest Cumberbatch



Character played by

John Amos


Auto mechanic


Rose Cumberbatch (wife)
Goodie Cumberbatch (son)

Ernest "Ernie" Cumberbatch is one of the main characters of the All In the Family spin-off, 704 Hauser. The character is similar to that of Archie Bunker in the sense of some of his views on race, although where Archie was staunchly conservative in his views and usually voted so (when he was registered to , as indicated in the episode Election Story), Ernie is a Democrat, and a little more liberal minded.

Ernie was portrayed by veteran actor John Amos who starred as James Evans on the CBS-TV sitcom series Good Times, which ironically, was a spinoff of a spinoff of CBS-TV series All In The Family, and Maude.


From the time that he was 13, Ernie supported his mother and his two younger sisters. In the pilot, it is revealed that Ernie is a Vietnam war veteran.


He is a blue collar, working class Democrat.