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The 704 Hauser Wiki is dedicated to the short-lived 1994 CBS-TV series.


704 Hauser was a short-lived CBS television series in 1994. It was a spin-off of All in the Family (in the last of many) and was built around the concept of an African-American family, the Cumberbatches, moving into the former Queens home of Archie Bunker years after Bunker had sold the house. John Amos, starred as Ernie Cumberbatch, an auto mechanic, a blue collor character very similar to that of Archie Bunker in that, while caterer wife Rose,played by Lynnie Godfrey, are staunch Democrats, they,at times butt heads on various views, in particular concering their ultra-conservative college student son Goodie. In addition to a disagreement over Goodie's politicial views, racial tension is provided which tests the relationship between father Ernie (whose supposed liberal views on race are tested) and son Goodie, who falls in love with a white, Jewish girl, Cherlyn Markowitz, whose dating of Goodie Ernie disapproves of, and whose family lives just down the street!

A teenaged, and troubled, Joey Stivic (Archie's grandson) makes a disturbing cameo in the first episode.

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